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Cold weather

Prepare for cold weather

Cardiff Council has useful advice for what do during severe winter weather.

The Met Office has lots of advice about preparing for and staying safe during winter weather.

The NHS has information on how to identify and prevent common winter illnesses.

  • Make sure water tanks and pipes are properly insulated
  • Before winter begins, make sure that your central heating system is working correctly and consider getting your boiler serviced
  • Making sure you have access to jumpers and blankets to stay as warm as possible
  • Consider getting the flu vaccine

Before cold weather

  • Don’t park your car or bikes, underneath locations where snow and ice may accumulate on roofs
  • Ensure you have a supply of salt or grit (cat litter, ash and sand work as good alternatives to grit if necessary
  • Before winter begins, make sure that your central heating system is working correctly and get your boiler serviced
  • Consider buying portable heaters for emergencies
  • Clear out gutters, repair any leaks in the roof and carry out general house maintenance
  • Insulate your home. You may be able to get help with heating bills from the nest scheme
  • Buy a shovel and good brush to clear snow

During cold weather

  • Keep as warm as possible, wear lots of layers, keep at least one room in the house heated between 18 to 21 degrees Celsius
  • Put grit or cat litter on paths and driveways to reduce the risk of slipping
  • Take extra care when cycling, walking or driving
  • Avoid driving in severe weather, but if you have to, make sure you have a car emergency kit
  • If you are going out, wear sensible footwear and warm clothes, look out for ice
  • Stay away from frozen ponds and lakes, although they may look safe to walk on, the ice can be a lot thinner than you think and will not be able to support your weight
  • If your pipes freeze or burst, follow the advice from the Met Office
  • Eat well, have hot drinks and hot meals regularly throughout the day.
  • Look out for signs of hypothermia

After cold weather

  • If you are able to, clear and grit paths. Clearing fresh snow is easiest – avoid using hot water, which could quickly turn to ice.
  • Be considerate if you are clearing snow, do not block pavements or other peoples driveways.

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