Aug 10
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UK Government: UK Government publishes New National Risk Register (NRR)

The UK Government published on 3rd August the new 2023 National Risk Register (NRR) which is the Government’s assessment of the most serious risks facing the UK currently measured over 2 and 5 year timescales. The register contains 89 risks, including natural hazards such as flooding as well as malicious risks such as terrorism.

The NRR is an assessment of the likelihood and potential impact of the risks occurring and helps resilience and emergency planning practitioners plan for the risks occurring locally across the UK, through preparing, responding and recovery within organisations and at the Local Resilience Forum (LRF).

The NRR is the external public version of the Government’s National Security Risk Assessment (NSRA), which only those with appropriate security clearance and permissions can view. This document is part of the principles of the UK Government’s new framework for resilience, the UK Resilience Framework which hopes to communicate risk information in a more open and accessible way, to share greater understanding of risk and preparedness for risks.

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