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30 Days Preparedness

30 DAYS 30 WAYS UK – September is Preparedness Month

Now in its sixth year, the 30 Days 30 Ways UK campaign is encouraging people to be more ‘emergency-ready’ by doing one simple challenge each day throughout September.

When people talk about emergencies our minds tend to turn to the London bombings, tsunamis or other global catastrophes such as the COVID-19 crisis that is affecting the whole planet right now…

But what if we told you that being prepared isn’t just for those headline-grabbing incidents? Power cuts, water main bursts, gas leaks, transport strikes, road closures…we experience a variety of inconveniences every day.  Taking few steps to prepare will help not only with those ‘everyday emergencies’ but also with far less likely incidents.

The campaign will be taking place all over the UK, with local resilience partners such as the emergency services, local authorities, utilities and health, taking part to put a local touch to 30 key messages throughout September.    

We encourage residents across the UK to think about the simple actions that will help keep their families safe in larger scale emergencies as well as the importance of checking on elderly and vulnerable neighbours.

The aim is to raise awareness and build capacities and capabilities from the ground up for better individual and community preparedness and resilience.

With COVID-19 now a daily reality that compounds other hazards, 2020 is an especially important year for us to convey the preparedness message and resources far and wide. As we are expecting an increase in interest and support, the 30 Days 30 Ways Campaign is starting off with a ‘meet and greet’ orientation day.

No one is ever alone in an emergency and everyone can play their part by being informed, prepared and knowing where to access and give help. A little personal preparedness can go quite a long way towards community resilience. Informed and prepared individuals are the building blocks of community resilience.

To find out more, visit the 30 Days 30 Ways Website

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